Film Spinning Machine
10 March 2016
De-dusting and Separation System
11 March 2016

plastik turbo yıkama



Turbo Wash Centrifuges are designed to wash plastic wastes under high speed with water and provide deep cleaning by friction created by special rotor design. Thanks to its improved rotor design, it works with film and burr materials with high efficiency.

Thanks to the high accessibility of the sieve and rotor sections, maintenance and cleaning times are reduced to a minimum.

Turbo Wash Centrifuges can be manufactured from AISI304 stainless steel or Carbon Steel material.


It is used for dehydrating hard burr plastics under high speed. Due to the special rotor design, the moisture content of the burr material can be reduced to 1%. Thanks to the easy access sieve and rotor, cleaning and maintenance are ensured.

Thanks to the inverter-controlled feed screw, dewatering effect is not affected by fluctuations in capacity.

Dynamic Drying Centrifuges are manufactured from AISI304 stainless steel material.
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