Plastic Melt Filters
8 March 2016
CRT Extruder Shredder
8 March 2016
Screws and Barrels that are used for Granule Extrusion Systems are designed and produced in our own facilities. Screw and barrel steel, hardening method, special coatings and screw geometry is chosen according to the type and form of plastic.

We are producing screws that can process plastics with low MFI values at high capacity. Special bimettalic and hardering methods are used according to the abrasive and corrosive effects of plastics and additives. By the process life time of screw and barrel is extended.

Normal, conical or barrier screws are used according to form and type of plastic. Degassing zones on barrel (single, twin, double) and feeding type differs according to the form and type of plastic.
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