Plastic Melt Filters
8 March 2016
CRT Chopper Extrude
8 March 2016
Screws and bushes for Granule Extrusion Systems It is designed and produced in our company. Screw and sleeve steel material, hardening operation, special plating operations and screw geometry the type of plastic to be machined and the form chosen.

Even plastics with low fluidity values ​​are high homogeneity and high capacity we are producing screws. Your plastics to be machined and other against abrasive and corrosive effects of additives special bimetallic coatings and hardening operations It is applied. Thus, the screws and bushes plastic recycling is convenient and service prolongation of life is ensured.

The type and form of your plastic to be recycled Standard, barrel and conical screws according to It is produced. The type of material in the hive production and according to the form single, double and twin gas should be taken, side There are models with feed or top feed.
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