Pet Washing Trommel
11 March 2016
Plastpol as Superior Business Machine in Poland 2016
27 March 2018
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Washing Boilers are used to clean plastic from the contaminants in washing lines. The Washing Winner model is chosen according to the type and capacity of the plastic to be machined.

For the plastics that can be swiveled, boilers are used which allow the material to be shipped on the surface of the water.

Unwanted plastics and contaminants in Washing Boilers
the heels are used to automatically clean the winner automatically. Our washing boilers are designed with maximum cleaning, minimum waste principle.

Washing Boilers are manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel or Carbon Steel material.

My boilers are supplied with operator platform and platform ladder as standard. Boiler-top housing covers are available as an option.
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