Plastic Granulating Lines
7 March 2016
Rigid and Film Washing Lines
7 March 2016
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They are used for washing Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) scrap.

Usually PET is used for beverage bottles, food containers or industrial film. PET flakes that are produced by PET Washing Lines can be used for yarn, fabric, fiber or packaging product manufacturing. PET Washing Lines consist of PreWashing and Separation, Size Reduction, Sink and Float, Cold and Hot Washing, Label Separation and Drying process.

Scrap PET material is cleaned externally in the PreWashing part and separated manually. In Size Reduction part prewashed material is grinded and after that flakes are cleaned intensively in Cold and Hot Washing parts. After Washing and Drying PET flakes are separated from light label impurities.

Lines are designed according to the contamination and capacity.
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