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3 March 2016
Plastic Melt Filters
8 March 2016
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Granule Cutting Machines are used in granular form of plastic melt material from Extruder. The molten plastic cut by the cutting blades in granular form is superficially hardened in the water reservoir. In the integrated centrifuge part, it is dewatered. The granule grains are optionally transferred to the storage silos by means of a fan.

In granule cutting machines, PE, PP, PS, ABS plastics are cut automatically in granular form. We have models that can cut vertical and horizontal axes in different capacities.

The granule cutting machine is made of AISI 304 stainless steel material. For different plastics grades, special alloyed and coated cutting-off coils and cutting blades are used, the service life and capacity of the parts are increased to the maximum level. Maintenance parts are easy and quick due to moving body parts.

It works fully automatically, ensuring that granules of the same form and size are continuously produced. Thanks to the inverter controlled cutting motor, the granule type can be adjusted as desired.

The steam fan is integrated as an option and the steam is absorbed during dewatering.
GK200 GK250 GK430
DEWATERING CENTRIFUGE (mm) Ø200x1000 Ø250x1500 Ø430x1500
MAX CAPACITY (kg/h) 400 800 1500
S: Standart O: Optional
Technical details are for information only. Can differ according to plastic type and form.
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