Granule Extruder (Side Feed)
8 March 2016
Single Rotor Shredder
9 March 2016
Double Rotor Shredders are used for size reduction of all types of plastic scrap, cardboard, paper, textile, chipboard and wood scraps without screen.

They are very effective in shredding especially highly contaminated scrap by slow rotating blades to increase capacity and protect blades of Granulator in second step grinding.

Blade type and blade steel is choosen according to the type and form of scrap. Blades made of special steel reduce production cost and increase output capacity.

Heavy duty gearboxes and shock absorbing pads can handle dynamic load during shredding. In case of overloading and stuck during shredding, rotors operate in reverse direction automatically by PLC control.


  BEX SHD2R 800 BEX SHD2R 1000 BEX SHD2R 1200 BEX SHD2R 1500
ROTOR BOYU / ROTOR LENGTH (mm) 800 1000 1200 1500
ROTOR ÇAPI / ROTOR LENGHTH (mm) 300 - 450 300 - 450 300 - 450 300 - 450
DÖNER BIÇAK SAYISI / ROTATING BLADE AMOUNT 26 - 40 33 - 50 40 - 60 50 - 75
MOTOR GÜCÜ / ENGINE POWER (kw) 15x2 - 22x2 30x2 - 37x2 37x2 - 45x2 45x2 - 55x2
PARÇALAMA HAZNESİ / SHREDDING CHAMBER (~mm) 800x600 800x900 1000x600 1000x900 1200x600 1200x900 1500x600 1500x900

Teknik bilgiler sadece bilgi amaçlı verilmiştir. Plastik cinsine ve formuna göre farklılık gösterebilir.
Technical details are for information only. Can differ according to plastic type and form.

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