Plastic Crushing Machines
10 March 2016
Single Rotor Shredder
9 March 2016
It is used for sorting plastic wastes of all kinds, such as cardboard, paper, textile, chipboard, wood, without screening. Particularly during the second stage crushing in the Crushing Machine with the breakdown of dense materials at low speed, the crushing machine is effective in protecting the blades and increasing the capacity of the Crushing Machine.

Due to the knife type and disintegration chamber selected according to the properties of the material to be processed, it works with high productivity in different types and forms of materials.

It has a low operating cost thanks to the blades made from special alloy steel material. The knife model and the material are selected according to the material type to be shredded.

Heavy-duty gearboxes and shock-absorbing wedges prevent damage to the machine caused by the dynamic load generated during shredding. Thanks to inverter controlled motors, energy efficiency has been maximized. Thanks to the PLC control, the rotors move in the opposite direction and the jam is automatically released in case of possible material squeeze or overload.


  BEX SHD2R 800 BEX SHD2R 1000 BEX SHD2R 1200 BEX SHD2R 1500
ROTOR LENGTH (mm) 800 1000 1200 1500
ROTOR LENGHTH (mm) 300 - 450 300 - 450 300 - 450 300 - 450
ROTATING BLADE AMOUNT 26 - 40 33 - 50 40 - 60 50 - 75
ENGINE POWER (kw) 15x2 - 22x2 30x2 - 37x2 37x2 - 45x2 45x2 - 55x2
SHREDDING CHAMBER (~mm) 800x600 800x900 1000x600 1000x900 1200x600 1200x900 1500x600 1500x900

Technical details are for information only. Can differ according to plastic type and form.

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